• Does Water And Humidity Create Mold in Alabama

    Does Water & Humidity Create Mold?

    This is what happens when water and humidity are left unattended for a long period of time. 


    Mold and Mildew spors can get into your lungs and cause big trouble. Do not leave a mess like this for your renters to breathe. 


    Call a restoration company ASAP! 


    First you must stop the water and mosture. You must find out where it is coming from and resolve it. 


    This is what happened in this shop area of the basement, everytime it rained water comes in the basement and makes a small river that ends up at this wall. 


    Water is absorbed into the sheetrock and then the mold travells up the wall in closed area with the high humidity  found in Alabama.


    The wood at the bottom of the sheet rock that sits in the water everytime it rains is completly rotten.